Muza L marks the beginning of an exceptional collection. With distinctive elegance and a sense of novelty, Muza L shines as the first chapter in this captivating story of our collection. With the ability to bring personality and individual style to the forefront, this handbag becomes a true manifestation of the connection between fashion and emotion.

The main bow-shaped strap represents our innovation, transforming the way a handbag can adorn the shoulder and adding a distinct note of femininity. With clever design, the bowshaped strap strikes a subtle balance between functionality and aesthetics, providing a fresh perspective on fashion accessories. The strap's fastening system allows for size adjustment, offering the possibility of being worn both on the shoulder and in hand.

The secondary strap, seemingly a classic belt, has been designed to offer a wide spectrum of carrying options. Whether you prefer wearing it on the shoulder, in hand, or cross-body, this band provides the necessary versatility to adapt to any context.

The evident absence of metal accessories is an expression of subtlety and refinement, therefore, the strap's fastening system is placed inside. The feature provides the option for the product to be worn without the use of the accompanying strap