The online store offers you the following payment methods:

1. Payment on delivery through cash on delivery system

Payment in cash of the value of the order directly to the courier who delivers the package. You can access additional information about delivery terms on the ORDER DELIVERY page

2. Card payment through Netopia PAYMENTS

The online store uses Netopia PAYMENTS services for online transactions. Online payment can be made with your personal or company card, in complete safety conditions. Cards accepted for online payments are those issued under the VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD logos. The payment is based on a secure online transaction processing system offering confidentiality, safety and simplicity when purchasing products and services online. Card data processing is done exclusively through banks, the store does not request or store any details related to your card.

The transactions will be carried out in LEI, regardless of the card used, based on the conditions agreed with the issuing Bank.
*Important to remember – No additional fees are charged for making online payment transactions on

Orders paid online with the card are validated only after stock confirmation. The amount representing the value of the order will be blocked in your account and the transaction will be successfully completed at the time of product confirmation and billing.

Stock confirmation will be sent via a separate email to the email address entered when placing the order.

To ensure that your transaction will be carried out in optimal conditions, it is necessary to enter the following data in the mandatory fields of the payment processor:

  • Name and surname of the card holder (as mentioned on the front of the card)
  • Card code (the 4 groups of digits mentioned on the face of the card)
  • Expiry date written on the front of the card
  • CVV code (the last three digits written on the back of the card on the signature strip)

For orders paid online, if the payment is not made within a maximum of 4 hours from placing the order, it will be automatically canceled from the system, with the status of payment failed.